Our soaps, both liquid and bar types, are created with custom blended fragrances chosen for their own individual qualities that will bring more character and depth to another fragrance to bring you a one-of-a-kind scent that isn't cookie cutter scent like the one next door.  We believe unique is better, don't you?  We also like to go with the slogan 'buy local' by roaming through the vast array of local micro-breweries trendy to our town and the triangle area and use their beers, stouts, lagers, and ales for a soap like no one else is offering anywhere.  We give it our own special spin with a truly luxurious blend of oils, butters, and milks to make it even better, even bubblier for a unique bathing treat!  Beer is the perfect addition to a liquid soap as it brings gloss, shine, and bounce to hair that has to face the elements every day, all day.  It's a harsh world out there, so pamper yourself with one of our soaps in any category, and find out what all the buzz is about in the world of artisan-style soaps.